Our Donors

The Dan Devereaux Memorial Trust would not be able to function without our many corporate and individual donors.

Our deepest gratitude to all the donors who are givers and not takers and in so being, they lead the charge in making a difference in our community.  Thank you for giving ’em a chance.

Grants: 2023

Judy & Saverio Alonzi Charitable Fund                      $500

D.C. & L.G. Welsch Family Foundation                       $500

C.R. May Fund           $1,000

Bernal Chomeau Foundation           $5,000

ESCO Foundaton           $3,000

Vanguard Charitable Fund           $10,000


Donors: 2023

Linda Aboussie

Chris Adelman-Adler

Curtis & Jo Ballenger

Anthony & Madeline Baumstark

Bart & Meghan Baumstark

Chip Berkovsky

Don & Joan Berra

Kenneth Boland

Sharon & Gary Brightfield

Pete Campbell

Janet Castanis

Doug Chomeau

Jeri Devereaux

Sean & Joanna Devereaux

Mike & Peggy Devereaux

Matt Feder

Gonzalo & Anne Fernandez

Anna Forder

Jeffrey Fosnough

Mike Gallagher

Christine Gilsinan

Carlos Gonzales

David Graham

Tremere Grant

Steven Groves

Elizabeth Haynes

Mark Heffernan

Brian & Annette Hettenbach

Dan Hufford

Tim & Patrizia Jamieson

Mary Louise Jamieson

Ed Jamieson

Patti Jamieson

Leonard & Mary Kirberg

Michele Lain

John Lanningham


Christopher Lewis

Vic Lombardo

Marj & Tom Mader

Vickie Martin

Thomas McCurry

Diane & Dave Miller

Steve Ohmer

Kimberly Patton

Kristi Puder

Tom & Ginger Purcell

Susan Ratner

John Riley

Carol Ryan

Juliana Schultze

Tom Schwartz

Charles Sosland

Mike & Pat Stokes

Mary Swearingen

Nancy Toivonen

Joann VanDeven

John & Joan Vatterott

Cathy Vierse

Barbara Wallace

Ann Warren

Lu Welsch

Eileen Weyerich

Kimberly Wyne





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